New Years Eve Taxi Service

Let Downtown Yellow Taxi be your New Years Eve taxi!

Here it is- this Sunday is New Year’s Eve, which is one of busiest nights in the taxi business. If you have ever tried to get a New Years Eve taxi, you know what we mean. You can expect long hold times when you call, as well as wait times to get picked up. This will be the case no matter what taxi company you call, because this is a night where the demand is probably four times the supply of taxis, especially in the busy downtown bar and restaurant district.

People drink on other holidays, but New Years Eve is different. Drinking seems to be built in, whether people are going to a private party or their favorite bar, and demand for taxis peaks. There just aren’t enough taxis in the county to meet the demand. Because this is such a busy night, taxi companies make sure every available car is on the road and ready to serve, but demand is so overwhelming that people still end up waiting. It just can’t be helped.

There are a few things you can do to make getting a New Years Eve taxi easier. Perhaps the best option is to form a relationship with a taxi driver. Many drivers give preferential service to regular customers, particularly when that customer is a generous tipper. This can mean the difference between waiting 30 minutes or waiting three hours. If you have a taxi driver you call frequently, try calling him a day or two in advance and see if he can schedule a pickup. Perhaps he can, but be aware that it can be extremely difficult setting an appointment on a night that is so busy.

Another good idea is go home earlier. Beginning at midnight taxi demand starts rising and wait times go up. Try going home before 1 am. If you stay until closing time, getting a taxi will be more difficult.

You might think you will get faster service through some hokey rideshare service, but not much. They will be in high demand too, but their surge pricing will 5, 8, or even 10 times their normal rate, far more expensive than a standard taxi. It is always safer and less expense to ride with a professional with proper insurance, rather than an amateur that may not have adequate coverage. So let us be your New Years Eve taxi. Call us at 727 379-4440, and save our number in your phone!

Downtown Yellow Taxi thanks you for your support and patronage, and wishes you a safe and happy holiday, and a prosperous 2017!

Happening this weekend:

Thursday, Dec 29th
Hiram Hazley + Le Jazz Trio w/ Special Guest Gloria West at Ruby’s Elixir 7 pm
Bret Michaels -Wreck The Halls at Ruth Eckerd Hall 7:30 pm
Actual Bank Robbers at the Ringside Cafe 9 pm

Friday, Dec 30th
Reverend Horton Heat w/ Jello Biafra, Legendary Shack Shakers at the State Theater 7 pm
The Supervillains at Jannus Live 8pm
Paint the Town Red at Three Daughters Brewing 8 pm
Fencewalk at Ruby’s Elixir 9 pm

Saturday, Dec 31st
The Jive Aces at The Coliseum 8 pm
Daya at Jannus Live 8 pm
Ajeva w/ Special Guest Chris Walker at Ruby’s Elixir 8 pm
Flatland at the Ringside Cafe 9 pm

Sunday, Jan 1st
Ajeva w/ Special Guest Chris Walker at Ruby’s Elixir 8 pm

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