Downtown Yellow Taxi St. Petersburg

Downtown Yellow Taxi of St. Petersburg was founded in April of 2012 by three professional taxi drivers that knew there had to be a better way. The old-fashioned taxi companies had a reputation for not being prompt, and oftentimes the cars were not clean and not properly maintained. This stemmed from the fact that nearly every taxi driver was an independent contractor that was leasing the car, and since it wasn’t their car, they didn’t care.

So Downtown Yellow Taxi was formed under a new structure; every driver was an owner. Ownership of the cars meant that cars were better maintained, and the driver took pride in the cleanliness of their vehicles.

Another innovation of Downtown Yellow Taxi was their dispatch system. Instead of speaking to a dispatcher in an office somewhere that is not aware of current traffic conditions, when you call Downtown Yellow Taxi, you are speaking to the next available driver. This allows for more accurate estimates for pickup times, and it is very rare that someone waits more than fifteen minutes for their car to arrive. Our drivers use GPS technology and can see where every car in the fleet is, so if another car is closer to you, he can be sent to get you, ensuring the quickest service possible. GPS navigation on board every taxi is programmed to the shortest and quickest route, unless otherwise directed by the passenger. You will not have any issues with a “lost driver”… we strive to get you there in time with the most direct route and for best rate possible.

The Owners/Operators of Downtown Yellow Taxi Inc. have more than 100 years  of combined experience driving a taxi cab in your community. There are no “new” drivers at Downtown Yellow Taxi; all drivers must have worked in this area for more than two years to be hired. Just look at our testimonial page and see what people are talking about.

Our fleet consists of 12 cars, all Towncars and six-passenger vans which are capable of carrying large luggage loads and a more comfortable ride to the airport or just a night out on the town. If you are traveling with a child that requires a child seat, we encourage you to bring your own for comfort and safety.

Our business philosophy and dedication to over-the-top customer service must be working for residents and visitors of St. Petersburg / Pinellas County because we started with just three taxis, and we have grown to our current fleet, thanks to our community and their dedication!